Business Intelligence and Data Analysis

Enriching and enlivening the things you do by converting useful information into effective strategy

Today’s medical practice, auto dealership, business, ministry, and non-profit cultures warrant and even screamingly demand increasing savviness to understand and respond appropriately to raw data!! Tombstone after tombstone after tombstone sit atop the grave sites of once-thriving practices, dealerships, businesses, ministries, and non-profits that spurned or failed to consider the uber-significance of its own internal data.

We’ve developed both tools and techniques to identify, harvest, structure, and interpret meaningful, powerful data. Admittedly, data itself and some facets of data can feel dead, stale, listless, lifeless. (Shall we toss in a few more woeful adjectives??!!?? – But it’s true; just don’t make it true for you.) We help collect, sort, and interpret data – so that we locate your portals of helpful data and churn it into meaningful strategy.

Rather than working with data solely for data’s sake, we plow data into useful, alive actionable plans for analysis, strategy, measures, and growth efforts. We deal with data solely for its inherent usefulness: honing existing operational and marketing efforts, identifying and cultivating new arenas, implementing well-formed strategic blueprints, and building market advantages.

Additionally, we try to bundle external data with internal data to create a successful recipe for both strategic and operational decisions, decisions loaded with confidence, strong rationales, and clear deployment steps.

And the business intelligence and data analysis we generate typically radically impacts areas such as marketing and sales, communication strategy, forecasting, value and quality assurance, staff recruitment and retention, logistics, risk assessment and management, technology, and more. We should talk!!! Maybe we can serve you and fill some of your needs.