Complete Fundraising Counsel

Complete Fundraising Counsel

Fundraising Counsel For Ministries and Non-Profits

We consistently believe and express that fundraising is one part science and one part art. Our team will provide you with the specific science-ish formulas and routines to fundraising success, from the methodologies, systems and analysis to the whole gamut of worthy considerations and strategy.

But while many aspects of fundraising are similar and science-ish, organization to organization, every organization possesses some genuine and deep uniqueness. And the ART of fundraising resides in gaining a strong and accurate pulse on you and your ministry or non-profit in order to tailor the science – the processes – to meet the specific fingerprint of your ministry or organization.

We help you evaluate your past and current efforts, design a plan for short and long-term effectiveness, and expand your donor base. We provide the A-Z of fundraising and communication strategy – in some cases, for short campaigns, endowment emphases, and annual funds . . . in many cases, we continue to serve some of our folks in a broad array of their funding needs for many years!!

We commonly begin a relationship with a development audit and assessment but the array of services we provide include all of the following:

  • development audit
  • feasibility studies
  • case development
  • strategic plans
  • capital campaigns
  • annual fund efforts
  • estate design and planning
  • board enhancement seminars
  • endowment campaigns.


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