Search Engine Optimization

The Art and Science of Getting Web Traffic to Your Web Site

Owning a well developed web site is great — owning a well developed web site that draws substantial traffic FAR SURPASSES merely great! And getting traffic to your web site is precisely the thing we accomplish for you through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and leveraging, social media build-out and strategy, and fully integrated marketing efforts (online and offline).

We create whole (new) web sites, recreate already existing sites, and refurbish and touch-up sites in such a manner that we intentionally raise your visibility in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. And we have created a very regimented step-by-step process to evaluate and audit your current goals and your site’s effectiveness, as well as to move you by leaps up the results ladders of key search engines.

BUT we don’t merely perform the raw SCIENCE of Search Engine Optimization for you; we also perform the ART of Search Engine Optimization … so that down BOTH corridors (art and science) we work with you and your staff or, if you prefer, we simply plot and implement the entire course for you.

Deliberately, we fingerprint our every solution to the people we serve so that we engage you and any of your staff’s abilities; and we mentor you and them in much of the things we do to elevate your web site’s visibility. But, again, we also stand ready to take on the whole task on your behalf. So, regardless of the scope of your desire and how much you wish us to do (from very little to a whole lot) the likelihood is high that we can solve your needs and fulfill your goals.